Libertad 2011 MEXICO-1 kg /Kilo SILVER-Coin, EXTREMELY RARE, PROOF-like BOXED

Libertad 2011 MEXICO-1 kg /Kilo SILVER-Coin, EXTREMELY RARE, PROOF-like BOXED
Libertad 2011 MEXICO-1 kg /Kilo SILVER-Coin, EXTREMELY RARE, PROOF-like BOXED
Libertad 2011 MEXICO-1 kg /Kilo SILVER-Coin, EXTREMELY RARE, PROOF-like BOXED
Libertad 2011 MEXICO-1 kg /Kilo SILVER-Coin, EXTREMELY RARE, PROOF-like BOXED
Libertad 2011 MEXICO-1 kg /Kilo SILVER-Coin, EXTREMELY RARE, PROOF-like BOXED
Libertad 2011 MEXICO-1 kg /Kilo SILVER-Coin, EXTREMELY RARE, PROOF-like BOXED

Libertad 2011 MEXICO-1 kg /Kilo SILVER-Coin, EXTREMELY RARE, PROOF-like BOXED
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Before signing non rejectable contracts... Fine precious Silver Coins - LEAGAL TENDER - from Banco de Mexico.

One Coin of 1 Kilo pure Silver partial PROOF. " Mexican Libertad " Issued in the year 2011 by B anco de M exico O fficial C urrency W orth depending from D aily S ilver P rice N o Worth I nprint but L egal T ender , by M exican L AW That shows, the Mexican Government and Reserve Bank respect the topical Danger of Inflation The coin shows on the observe the winged shape of the Victory Statue from the Independence Momument in Mexico City and the Eagle from the Official Mexican Seal on reverse. Since 2010 on the 1 ounce and higher weights the Mexican Seal is surrounded by the 10 more historical Seals of Mexico. So this is the second issue with the new reverse. Diameter: 110 mm total weight: 1 kg purity: 99.9% Silver, specimen quality: mirror shining stature on frosted background The coin is capsuled, with Certificate of Authenticity (Serial No: J 0631) and Boxed in a wonderful solid W ooden E xhibition C ase.

It was bought from a big German dealer for Mexican Collector Coins. I have bought together with some other weights up from the 1/2oz. PROOF Coin The 1 KILO POOF-like Coin of the LIBERTAD was only minted since 2002 between 500 and 1,820 coins each year.

EXTREMELY RARE and since 2010 just the 2nd issue with new reverse! In opposition to the Standard 2011 Libertad Kilo Coin with total sales. Prospected numismatic value: The Mexican Standard Bullion is the 1 ounce Libertad (briliant) with a mintage of 100,000 up to 1,650,000 pcs in the years from 1999 - 2010. The Mexican Goverment favours that they take exclusively Mexican Silver for minting and in the past they bought back a lot of silver coins for new mintage.

That means: no extremely rising mintage! On Request of Coin Collectors since 1982 they started to mint additional 1 oz.

PROOF Coins and since 1992 additional pieces in PROOF Quality with different weight from 1/20 oz. Up to 1 kilo coins. Mintages from 500 up to 30,000 for the 1 oz PROOF coins Some more mintage figures: 1 kilo 2011 PROOF-like 1,000 pcs, 1oz 2011 PROOF 10,000 pcs and 1/2 oz 2011 PROOF 5,000 pcs. That means a better numismatic value increase of the more unusual PROOF pieces over and below 1 oz.

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Libertad 2011 MEXICO-1 kg /Kilo SILVER-Coin, EXTREMELY RARE, PROOF-like BOXED